Heaven & Earth Works offers products, services and shared learning that encourages no separation from our emotional, physical and surrounding environment.













Through branches of my business I like to offer products, services and shared learning that encourages no separation from our emotional, physical and surrounding environment. I believe together they connectively interact and entwine to nurture and maintain a healthy balanced life.

Compassion is good for my mind, body & soul, and assists me to walk in harmony.

Pamela Clune: personal insight.

Those that allow themselves to truely get to know me often describe me as a visionary as I am able to see bigger pictures. Therefore I do my best work when I step out of myself and focus on the greater good for all.

Most profound learning can happen form adverse and confronting life experiences.

The power of the mind is incredible.
The negative thoughts you can allow yourself to create and hear can be the destruction of yourself and your environment.
Being mindful of the power of thought and maintaining inner peace within allows me to live life compassionately both personally and professionally, in a free and positive way

I am know as a seed planter of ideas of which many have sprouted and growing by others with or without my recognition.

Sharing learned professional and life experience knowledge with like-minded individuals, business and organisations is an ongoing passion as it offers opportunity to mutually receive knowledge and wisdom.


One of 6 children and lived all my childhood on farmland. Although living on the land was extremely challenging our parents taught us to respect each other and our land. They gave us and our children the chance to enjoy and learn country living; I am and will be forever grateful to my parents for their unconditional love, guidance and support.

When my husband and I married we were off to the big city but our hearts are still very much connected to country living.

Together we raised our three children amongst open space where cows, sheep and horses grazed in nearby paddocks. It is a region where we have learnt to appreciate and value the large very old magnificent majestic heritage river red gums that stand tall. It is a space that has given us a sense of connection to the land while not far from suburbia. We are privilaged now to be grandparents; innocent children giving us increased fun and who are enriching our lives. Treasured love and responsibility ~ whole family.

While firstly being a wife, mother and grandmother my home based business has allowed me to retain flexibility so I can develop products and services that reflect organic natural growth from both my personal and professional life experiences; nursery management to garden stylist, complementary therapy and IT learning and development.

Friendships and personal life experiences have opened my mind to learn traditional and complementary therapies which have allowed me to experience the sense of how good inner peace freedom of self is for your mind and body especially when facing and overcoming adversity.

I have always tried to help people around me as much as possible throughout my life, the best I can do is lead by example.

Watching continual growth of greed for personal self worth and power as well as becoming a grandparent has increased the desire to pay more attention to nurturing family, friends and our environment.

While I like the philosophy of Buddhism, I am not a Buddhist. I am grateful I did participate within the opportunity to attend some Traditional Tibetan learning given by a Sharman Traditional Tibetan Doctor. It was there in May 2008 I had the most incredible dream of which I shared the vision with all who attended. Nine months after on 7th February, 2009 the vision 'Black Saturday' aftermath came real. For two months prior to that day I had a very uneasy feeling something was about to unfold that was not going to be good. I also had a feeling it would involve my husband, a CFA volunteer, he suffered serious burns; I knew he would survive but unfortunately many others living within the region were not going to be so fortunate. The dream vision highlighted to me the profound connection we can all access if we open our minds. I am truly grateful of the connection and awareness I have achieved which is available to all who wishes to learn.

The nearby total devastation and our personal inclusion in the worst Natural Disaster in Australia's history, Victorian Bushfires 2009, as well as receiving notification of Government proposals that included us and our community placed us in a position surrounded by grief, trauma and adversity. The most positive outcome has been opportunity to see and meet people who uphold our national value of respect, compassion and comradeship to help and support our communities in need. 'Spirit Of Australia'.

May 2009 I was given the opportunity to attend an Indigenous experience which was exactly what my mind, body and soul required. Indigenous women from our home land offered a rare Healing Retreat which I expressed interest in attending late 2008. I will be forever grateful for the elders who opened their very special spiritual space where they supported us while we soaked up healing energy and connection back to the true essence of our land Mother Earth'.

I am laying within a traditional indigenous healing sauna in Arnhem Land.

Elders cried with emotion as they spiritually saw me returned to Mother Earth.

Connection I have opened my mind to have with Mother Earth has again been acknowledged via images I received within a dream of water and mud slides which happened January 2010. Tragic and devastating Foods in Queensland. It was as if I was re-experiencing a dream I had 9 months prior.

Having a daughter who holds a great voice has allowed creativity of expressing stories and powerful universal messages in songs. They are available to the world and we hope you find them enjoyable, uplifting and inspirational. www.jacquiclune.com

Amazing things can happen when we let love lead the way!

Below is a poem I wrote and recorded an audio/visual clip following the Victorian Bushfires 2009
Live Now For Today

*Royal Commission Interim Report: Concern for long-term wellbeing mentioned under Recovery Effort

* You can view Our Black Saturday Story via a hard copy or Audio/Visual Clip
which was submitted to the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission
(WARNING:Please be aware some images may upset some readers or viewers).


Bringing people together to create a Landscape Of Compassion.

My personal mission to uphold, live and share the values and messages of truly compassionate world leaders.

"Invite me to an anti-war campaign and I will not attend, Invite me to a peace campaign and I will be the first to attend." - Mother Teresa.
Mother Teresa believed that positive words make people act in a positive way. Being mindful of terminology we speak can change our outcomes eg: 'anti-bullying' to 'respect and compassion'.

"Freedom is the real source of human happiness and creativity." - The Dalai Lama.

'You become what you practice most.' - Mahatma Gandi

"If your compassion doesn't include yourself it is incomplete" - Buddah 

  Sambara arrived the night we recorded 'Spirit Of Australia'

Before Sambara arrived a spiritual artist drew this image of my guides. Truly amazing.


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